Financial Planning isn’t just for the super wealthy anymore.

Financial Planning Without the Hefty Price Tag

‘Sure Circle’: Innovative Financial Planning

Traditional financial planning services are incredibly valuable but can be expensive, putting them out of the reach of most of us.

We believe that everyone deserves financial security and the ability to build wealth.

‘Sure Circle’ offers many of the benefits of traditional financial plans but at a fraction of the cost. We focus on the essential first steps you need to take to build a secure future.

You don’t get all the ‘bells and whistles’ of our flagship ‘Design Your Future’ plan but by stripping it down to the essentials, it’s 93% cheaper.

Sure Circle costs €299.

How it works:

To give you advice, we need to know a little about you, your family and how you currently spend your money.

It’ll take you no more than 15 minutes to give us the info we need & after we’ve analysed it, we’ll have a 45 minute Zoom call to give you advice & an action plan.

Connect your accounts: Link your bank accounts securely though Open Banking and answer a few basic questions about yourself and your family. It’s simple and it only takes a few minutes.

We’ll use financial software to analyse your spending habits, categorise your transactions to provide insight into where your money goes.

One of our financial advisers will spend 45 minutes on a Zoom call to illustrate the tweaks you need to make to plan for a secure and wealthy future using the ‘Sure Circle’ tool we’ve designed.

We’ll help you prioritise how you allocate your income, making sure that once your essentials & savings are covered, you can spend your disposable income whatever way you like, completely guilt-free.

After the Zoom call, we’ll send you a one page action plan with simple steps to take, to put more money in your pocket and build a brighter future.

Design Your Future (Upfront)

Our flagship Financial Plan, providing in-depth financial analysis, cash flow modelling and scenario planning.


Design Your Future (Members)

Become a member to get the full ‘Design Your Future’ plan, ongoing planning services, plan reviews and ‘all you can eat’ financial advice.

€499 upfront + €99 / month.

Sure Circle (Entry Level)

Our entry level financial planning service, focusing on the first steps you need to take to build a secure financial future.

€299 (once off)

Pensions. Protection. Planning.


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