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Don’t Leave Your Old Pensions Behind

Pensions From Previous Jobs

When people move jobs they often leave their pension benefits behind. We can track down your pensions, from one or more companies, combine them together and build a retirement plan designed just for you. (If you are trying to track down a civil or public service pension visit here instead)

We’ll track down any pensions you’ve left behind in previous jobs.

Combine them into one and transfer them into a pension in your own name with one of the leading pension providers in the country (such as Aviva, Irish Life, Zurich, New Ireland or Royal London).

Our Qualified Advisors will design a retirement plan just for you and will meet at least once a year to make sure you are on track for a happy retirement.

Start a new pension

Start A Brand New Pension

Whether you want to start your very first pension or you have moved jobs or become self employed and are no longer a member of a pension scheme, we can help.

Start your first pension

Start a new pension & transfer in your old work pension(s).

Choosing the right retirement options

Approaching Retirement

Getting financial advice from Qualified Professionals in the lead up to your retirement is essential.

Can you increase your tax free lump sum with last minute strategies?

Is your current pension provider the right provider for you post retirement? It’s important to compare the market to see if there’s a better provider for you in retirement.

Making the wrong decisions in the lead up to your retirement could negatively effect your retirement income and your tax free lump sum.

Business Owners: Workforce Pensions

Business Owners: Start or review a company pension scheme

If you own or manage a business, we have a range of pension schemes for your staff from the financial brands you trust such as Irish Life, New Ireland, Zurich, Standard Life & Aviva.

Start a company pension scheme

Review your existing company pension scheme. Fix compliance issues and reduce pension scheme fees.

Pensions From Previous Jobs

Don’t leave your previous work pensions behind. Combine them into one and transfer them into your own name

Start A New Pension

If you don’t have access to a good pensions scheme at work, we can help you set up one and transfer in any old pensions too.

Approaching Retirement

The decisions you make in the lead up to your retirement will effect your finances for the rest of your life.

Company Pension Schemes

Set up a new company pension scheme or review your existing scheme.

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